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 Uma menina com muitas minhocas na cabeça!

Hello my name is Alzira Zulmira!  I know... way too complicated to spell and a quite an ordeal to even try to pronounce it! So this way, when I came to America I became AZ - you can call me Ayzee! Complete from A to Z! Much better right?  So, okay, I am not the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, but do have an enigmatic set of eyes and awesome red hair!  I am full of ideas, full of opinions, and full of myself! I have a voice! In other words, that means I think! Some people believe I make up stories - definitely not true, I only tell "true truths"!  And if you wondering what is the deal with the worms you see in my head, I will say you are imagining them!  See, just like me you have a fertile imagination!

Now before you go any further and start exploring my site, here is a warning:


My Pet WormMinha minhoquinha de estimaçãoThe text and illustrations of Alzira Zulmira (Ayzee's Stories) and the contents of this page are propriety of the author, Kiki Hamann. Any form of reproduction, copy for any purpose without the explicit authorization of Kiki Hamann is prohibited and will be persecuted in the court of law.

This site is a celebration of the Inteligence of our Kids! Cheers to bright children!

Note to the parents:

If you came to this site looking for homework help or research information, let me tell you you came to the wrong site!  I am a writer and the purpose of this site is merely entertainement.. Entertainement that brings creative thinking, cultural enlightement and definetelly encites our children to think and fend for themselves.  However I did make up a list of links of some fantastic sites that help with school work. I am not able to respond to the enormous amount of requests, suggestions and solicitations I receive on a daily basis from desperate parents trying to help their little ones through years of school system. I am a desperate parent, myself! :)) I want this site to be seen and regarded as a "break" !  Learning how to think can be a lot of fun and funny too!  Warm hugs from a fellow Mother!

This site was originally created on  September 16 / 2001, you are our guest :


Beautiful even in my school uniform!    

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