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Hi Guys, there are plenty of games for you too!  Please scroll down the list and you will find many creative and interesting stuff!


****Updated on March  / 2006**** 

Old Times Games- How did kids play when there were no videogames? 
Brazil Puzzle   Can you put Brazil together? (by Kiki Hamann)  
Checkers- Play Checkers with Ayzee, let me warn you she is a Pro at it!
  Riddles! - Are you Curious ?  This page is dedicated to riddles!
The Dot Game - Play Against Ayzee 
Tic Tac Toe - Is it really that easy? 
Ping Pong - This is the easiest Game room's game!
Concentration- Is your memory as good as Ayzee's?
Recalling a Face- Would you make a good eye witness?  Let's see how good you are1
Optical Illusions- It is just as exciting as true magic!   
Tongue Twisters - A true challenge for narrators, actors and kids of all ages! UPDATED
Lullubies and Other Songs - The lyrics to some timeless children's tunes
Cracking the Code - Can you crack the code on the secret message Ayzee wrote to a friend?  Come here and learn how to work as a true spy and unveil written codes!  

Dress up Games, Decorating Games, Creating Games

Dress  Alzira Zulmira - Walk into Ayzee's closet and dress her up!  (by Kiki Hamann)
Dress the glow worm - Dress up Ayzee's little glow worm! (by Kiki Hamann)
Dress a witch!- Sororoca is a fun witch, check her out!   (by Kiki Hamann)
Dress Up the Vampire Granny- Dress up Ayzee's Vamp Granny! (by Kiki Hamann)
Puzzles- Chose a picture and the number of pieces, by  Misso and Friends
Dress up Shirley Temple - A very cool, old fashion game! 
Thanksgiving Day Dress Up! - Super cute Holiday Dressup, including the Turkey! 
A Haunted House - By Pixeldoll, very cool! Thank you Ana! 
Kaoani's Kingdom- by Pixeldolls! Thank you Ana!
Create the coolest Stamps! Wow, super cool by Pixeldolls. Thank you Ana!
  Rilakkuma Kingdom - Super cute, check it out by Pixeldolls! Thank you Ana!
Build a Mini Super Market - Another game by Ana, Pixeldolls!  Great graphics!
Mini Maids - Another one by Ana, Pixeldolls!  Lets help the maids to clean the house!
Mini Photo Studio! Another one by Ana, Pixeldolls! A photo studio with models, photographers and etc, way cool! 
Dressup a Gothic Doll! Game sent by Alex, many thanks!  Super Cool and well done! 
Halloween Dressup!  Another game by Alex, super cool Halloween costumes! Thank you!
Dress up an Anime Girl! - Cool! 
Dress up a ballerina - An old fashion game! 
Dress up Kitty! A very hip kitten 
Dress up Teddy!  A Teddy Bear to play with !
Dress up  Miss O!  So cute, you can change colors! 
Create your own jewelery! You can make bracelets, necklaces and etc. 
Create a Prom Dress! Very fancy dresses to pick from!
Dress up  ET! - Is he ugly or cute, you decide!
Build a virtual doll! - Very easy to play!
Harry Potter -Create your own Hogwart!
Dress up Bergamot!  A very cool Puppy
Dress up  Emry - Another Dog game, she is a girl!
Build a Fishtank! What a beautiful and exceptional game!
Create your own pizza!  Yummy, now we are cooking! 
Beauty Shop- By Santoro
Dress up Bunny Mixy -  A shockwave game!
A Princess'  Castle - What a beautiful game!
Enchanted Forest!- With fairies, unicorns and angels!
Dress up  Pucca! - She is funny!
Give  Pucca her own setting! - Fun!
Dress up Sandra for Winter!- Winter clothes are fun!
Dress up an "Anime" girl! - bonitinho criado pela artista Skuisi! 
Help Hello Kitty fix her room!- Cute and Fun way to clean up and organize!
Create your own shop!- Super cooooool!
Decorate a pink room! Cute, by megacreator  
Create your own city!-  For boys and girls  By megacreator
For the gardners out there!- A game from the United Kingdom!
Create your own school! A game from channel 4!
Crate a Mini room  -  Miniroommaker - You get to rearrange furniture and etc!
Create your own house! This game was designed by  Skuisi and it is very cool!
City Creator - This game has received an award, very cool!
Garden Planner - Create a colorful gardner!
eLouai -  Many many games for girls!
Sweet Streets - You can visit the beauty salon here!
Beauty Studio - And another beauty salon!
Sky Breeze - Let's make over Sky Breeze?
Celeste in the City - Help Celeste get pretty!
Dress up Fairy Freya!  She is pretty!
More fairies to dress up!  Who doesn't like fairies?
  Create a Robot!  This one is for the boys!
  Tude Dude -  Tude Dude is mad, help him dress up!  For the boys!
Tude Dude 2 -  Another one for the boys!
Dress up Jack Rabbit -  Also for the boys!
Dress up  Ron - See, there are plenty of games for you boys!
Funny Faces - It is funny to make faces!
Tomato Head- Little tomato needs a new face!
Plastic Surgeon! Super cool game!
Dress up baby Serena from Sailor Moon  Cute as cute comes!
Manicure!  Let us do our nails!  This one is dedicated to my stepdaughter Giovanna!
Atomic Babes ( Flash Game)
Dudette - She wants to go to the beach!
Dress up the  Divas - a Flash Game!
Dress up Lala - A Flash game!
Fashion Party - A Shock wave game

These games are for all of you the "complainers and whiners" - LOL - who write almost daily asking for more games!  C'mon, you know who you are! 

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