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This is a window to Bahia, Brazil. Picture taken by MM Salles. Uma This is a panoramic picture of Rio de Janeiro, taken by Daniel Yeh.

Ipanema Beach from the hotel's! Picture by Christine DeLeon.

Another window to Salvador,  Bahia (Brazil). By MM Salles.

Salvador is beautiful!  Modern and Old Fashion at once! By MM Salles.

Fotaleza, Ceará (Brazil)! Picture by Super Edge

   Another one of Fortaleza, Ceará!

By Super Edge!

Ceara is beautiful! Thank you Edge!

Pedra Bonita, Rio de Janeiro.  People do fly over here!
The Jump! Landing is in São Conrado Beach, RJ. O Rio de Janeiro, seen from Pedra Bonita. Ilha de Paquetá, RJ, Brasil.