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Updated  November / 2006!              

Read the riddle carefully and try to figure it out!  If you need to find out the answer, all you have to do is to place the mouse over the little flower (you don't need to click on it) and the text will show up with the right answer! Do you have a good riddle?  Send it to us! The riddles you see here are translations of Brazilian riddles sent to us by kids!

1. I stand up when I fall, and I lie down when I run, who am I?   You tought it was a worm, right?  But it is the rain! (by Felipe Augusto Miguel Ramos, 10 )

2. I have a pig's tail, pig's feet, pig's ribs, but I am not a pig, who am I? Feijoada / Brazilian Black Beans!

3. The more I grow, the less you see, who am I? The Darkness!

4.  The more you take away, the bigger I get, who am I?  The hole!

5  I jump into the sky, than I pop and than I turn inside out, who am I?.   The Popcorn kernel!

6I am lay down when you stand up and I stand up when you lay down, who am I? The foot!

7I hear and I speak, but I am not a person, who am I? The telephone!

8I don't have hair on my head, but I go bald when I get old, who am I? The tire!

9I always fall, but I never get hurt, who am IThe rain!

10I am full upside down and empty inside out, who am I?  The hat!

11No matter how many times I am shared or divided, I always remain the same size, who am I?  Mother's Love!

12. I belong to you even though I am much more used by the others, who am I? Your name!

13. I am round, but I always leave a long trail behind me, who am I?  A car's tire! (by Luiza, 5 )

14. I have scales, but I am no fish. I have a crown but I am no king, who am I? The Pineapple! (by Paula Lima, 6 )

15. If you say my name I no longer exist, who am I?  The silence. Pshhhhhh! (by Rômulo)

16.  I fill a hole but I cannot fill a hand, who am I?  The button!  (by Paula Lima, 6 )

17. I am working even when I am still, who am I? The clock! (by Gustavo H. Pereira)

18. I am a green world, where the ground is red and whose habitants are black, who am I?   The watermellon! (by Danilo Bruno Silva)

19I leave my hair behind as I move, who am I?  The needle! (by Amanda)

20. I am small like a mouse, but I protect the house like a lion, who am I?   The lock! (by Clarissa)

21. I am a delicious dish that turns on and off, who am I?  The Strog-ON-OFF ! (For Giovanna and Alezinho)

22. The fisherman looks for me, but he never finds me, who am I? A hole in the net! (by Marina  Louzada  Alves)

23. I am born big, but I am small when I die, who am I?  The pencil! (by Vania Cristina and Marcos Daniel)

24. I have a face, but I have no hair. I have time, but I never get a break, who am I?   The watch!  (by Vania Cristina)

25. The more you look at me, the less you will see, who am I?The Dark!  (by Avelino Fajardo)

26. When you look at me you will think I am two yellow balls in the river, who am I? A YELLOWgator!  heheheheh (by Paulinha Lima, 6 )

27. The more you take, the more you'll have, who am I?  Photos! (by Maria da Penha e da Priscilla)

28. People by me to eat, but they don't actually eat me, who am I? A dish! (by Sonia)

29. I am grown up before I get little, who am I?   The candle! (by Talitha)

30. Why is it that the Ox goes "moooo"  when the cow passes by?   Because he does not know how to wistle! (by Eleonora Manacorda Grizone)

31. The more I dry, the more wet I get, who am I?  The towel! (by Bernardo Guzman, 8 )

32. I go up when the rain comes down, who am I?  The umbrella! (by Catman)

33. I am tasty but I have no taste, I am beautiful, but I am transparent, who am I?  The water! (by Catman)

34. I have windows, but I am not a house. You can see me, but you cannot come in, who am I?  The computer! (by Leo, 7 )

35. I am a small black dot on top of the newspaper, who am I?   An ant looking for a job! heheheheh (by Pamela)

36. The more you use me, the more burnt I get, who am I?  The match! (by Everton)

37. All animals, vegetables and minerals have me, who am IA name! (byTatiana)

38. I stand up in people's heads, who am I?  The lyce! (by Camila Bertoglio)

39. I am awake when everybody else is asleep, who am I?  The moon! (by Ana Margarida)

40. You always wait for me, but I never come, who am I The future! (by  Carvalho)

41. I walk all over the house without moving, who am I?  The snail! (by Gabi)

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