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The Author

Kiki Hamann was born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is currently residing in  Miami, Florida, USA.. Other than Aizee,  Kiki has also given birth to "Madalena", a cartoon strip character  ("Madalena e Bafafá") and written novels, magazine articles and scripts.  Kiki attended Marymount Manhattan College for Psychology, with in Elementary Education and had the opportunity to work in classroom environments such as an internship in the NYC public school system, and other schools  in different countries.

In real life, Kiki is mother to two incredible boys: Raphael e Bernardo, the greatest passions of her life.. The stories you will read in these pages were written for and approved by the most demanding critics Kki has encountered throughout her writing career - Rapha and Be, this site is totally dedicated to you!

Ayzee comes to America

Ayzee was originally conceived in Portuguese and impregnated with a multicultural diverse personality. She has lived in Canada, South America and Europe, absorbing the best of all worlds. As she moves to America, she adapts and lends her "foreign eyes" to children all over the world, promoting intelligent dialogues, motivational stories, and creative thinking. Ayzee is what she is in any language- A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD, a complete child from A to Z, an ambassador of many cultures!

Celebrating the Intelligent Kid You too can raise a genius!

When I began developing a personality for my Ayzee, I had my own children in mind!  I found an enormous gap in educatinal devices and books that delt with cognitive enhacement or motivational parenting.  Many things had been writen about early stimulation for babies , however society seemed to believe that once the children began schooling they were done with home reinforcement. The material in these pages comes from my own line of thoughts which are

Every child is born with the potential of becoming a genius, equally and regardless. What makes the difference is how they are programmed from the moment they are born on..  It is up to the parents to promote intelligence. Thinking is a skill that can be learned. Motivation is the key in teaching how to think.  I child whom is thought how to think and to conclude has an incredible adavantage over the other ones in society. They are already beginning ahead.  This support system generates self steem and self confidence.

I wrote the character, the web page, the program and the stories with all of these thoughts in mind!




Why Alzira Zulmira?

Alzira Zulmira (Ayzee) was named by divine inspiration. Her name is not common by any means, not even in her native language. However, I wanted a strong and unique name for the character that sounded powerful, strong, yet musical.  I also wanted it to be a combination of the first and last letters of the alphabet, indicating the connection with the creative reading material and use of language.

As weird as it sounds, the name was an instant hit and Alzira Zulmira gathered fans very quickly.

Her stories are as fun as the character herself. A little crazy, full of personality and very bossy.  Ayzee is not about being politically correct! She is about motivating intelligent reasoning, exploring sense of humor and taking kids by the hand almost to a nostalgic state, where children were still children.

Hello guys, I am getting very popular and have made several appearances in magazines around the world Check it out! It is purely true truth!

Kids have become Teens wanna be!

In these pages I attempt to take my readers and the kids that visit us, emotionally to a time where kids were not fed by the media so much adult information and the "teen model".  Several TV shows have been developed technically for teenagers but the fact of the matter is that they are adopted by much younger children. The result is catastrophic! There is now a huge number of children who want to be teenagers and pop artists and rebels even before they have the chance to live thoroughly their childhood.

What has happened to good old fashion board games, and back yard play, and riddles and lullabies?  By repackaging all of these memories from my own childhood in a new format, I was able to reach my own children and guide them into not skipping their own childhood.  And we did it with a lot of laughter!

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My Children

Raphael and Bernardo, my beloved sons at the age when I started writing Ayzee's stories. I would tell them Ayzees adventures every night before going to bed!

My heart has grown to incorporate other three very special children in my life: Pamella, Alex and Giovanna, who have extended my opportunity to add new geniuses to my list!  Raising children is a thrill and minimizing the stress is a must!

Hooray to the five geniuses that support my theories and give me daily unconditional love.

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Many thanks for stopping by and do come often to see us. We have an enormous project in mind. We will be incorporating the cultural element  into our site and eventually the chidlren will be able to virtually travel the world guided by Ayzee!

There is also a newsletter in the making!

Many good things are yet to come!



I was very reluctant to add games to our site.  I was concerned with the amount of time the children would spend in front of the monitors in a mechanical way.  My children, once again, convinced me and proved me wrong.  So I did incorporate to Ayzee's page several games and links to other ones.  I did however have one think in mind, being the game created by me or not!

What will this game do for this child, reading our pages?

Is it fun? Entertaining?

Does it promote thinking, reasoning or motor coordination?

It is enjoyable? And so, I was very selective with the material presented.

Become Ayzee's auditor!

Have you found mistakes in our pages?  Help us out by kindly pointing them out via email. We will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness and sharp eye.

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